About me, Pit Hermann


I'm the owner of this site and even the copyright holder of the content except the banners on the link page.

At present i'm living in a small nice town near Augsburg/Bavaria but originally i'm from the Northsea coast.


I used different analogous cams but when i came to digital i searched for a long time and then i felt in love with the

Sigma cams and their FoveonTM sensor. So i started with their SD9 then SD10 and at present i own two SD14 and one SD1.


For my own i prefer to shoot females, dressed, lingerie (dessous), nude, bodyparts and details but i even like to shoot

nature, landscapes, cities and buildings if they impress me.


I did shootings for example Aldi, Metro, Lidl, architects and so on and was involved in three books about farming machines.


Since 2011 i am helping my greek friend Panos, the owner of PanosFx.com, with his site as i translate his PS and PSE

actions into german language and respond to support questions done in german language.



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